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Natasha Undem RYT-500

Natasha discovered yoga in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska in 2000. Immediately drawn to the concept of connecting breath with movement, she embarked on a journey of waking up to the teacher within. Landing in San Diego allowed her to explore many different styles of yoga and come to realize how powerful and grounding the practice is in her day to day life. Missing the mountains Natasha moved to Jackson to play in the outdoors. In 2011, Natasha completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training from Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane and a second 200-hour Yoga Alliance training from Adi Amar and Angela Tong. She recently finished a 500-hour training with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane. She is also studying Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old holistic system of traditional medicine from India, that focuses on living in sync with daily and seasonal rhythms. In yoga class you will focus on breath work and movement with regards to alignment. You will work to increase healthy flexibility in both body and mind. You will strive to find both strength and relaxation throughout the class.
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Natasha Undem RYT-500 instructs the following:
  • Therapeutic Yoga, Level 1-2
  • This class emphasizes breath, postural foundation, flexibility, and stability through gentle yoga postures. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, this class will assist with developing a pain-free practice.
    Instructor: Natasha Undem RYT-500


  • Yin Yang Yoga, Level 2
  • Find a balance of energies with Yin Yang Yoga to honor both the passive, cool, internal with the active, warm, external. We will start class honoring the active day with a vinyasa flow and standing poses to invigorate the muscles, then finish off the second half of class with static sitting poses to focus on stretching the ligaments and tendons to replenish the synovial fluid of the joints.
    Instructor: Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200

  • BackBody Yoga, All Levels
  • For those with chronic low back pain, several studies suggest yoga as an effective treatment among other benefits such as improved mood, stress reduction, and lower healthcare costs. With low back pain as the most common cause of pain in the United States and back injury as the leading and most expensive cause of workers’ compensation claims (Boston Medical Center) it’s no wonder yoga has become a saving grace for some as a cost effective alternative to other treatment.
    Join us for this educational and movement based class to increase awareness and attention to your "Back Body".  Release stress, compression, and tension, improve mobility, stability, coordination, balance, and strength to decrease pain, prevent injury, and enhance sports performance for better function and a more fulfilling life.
    Instructors: Francine Bartlett, PT, DPT, ACT, RYT
                        Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200



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