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Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200, CPYT

My deep connection with nature has been the driving force of the path I have created and what inspires me to continue on a new one. After working in the field of wildlife ecology for over 10 years studying everything from brown bears to primates around the world, I am focusing on designing creative approaches to help connect people more deeply to nature and themselves. Over the years I have found yoga to be a means of finding greater peace, awareness, and balance within this beautiful, crazy world. Recognizing the value of yoga as well as the energy we carry and share with others in our daily lives has been a valuable lesson that I wish to impart to the world. I hold a joint Master’s of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development. I am also a certified Wilderness First Responder, Bear Safety Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor and Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RYT-200, CPYT), and Reiki Practitioner. To find out more about myself and adventures through the natural world visit www.naturallywildandfree.com

Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200, CPYT instructs the following:
  • Breath & Flow Yoga, All Levels
  • This gentle yoga practice helps you connect breath to movement to gain greater clarity for the mind.  New breathing techniques are introduced each class to aid with a variety of life's stressors.  In other words, join Rebecca for a a feel good, all body yoga class to let go of the outside world and tune inward all through learning to use the breath! (Class Video Below)
    Instructor: Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200


  • Yin Yang Yoga, Level 2
  • Find a balance of energies with Yin Yang Yoga to honor both the passive, cool, internal with the active, warm, external. We will start class honoring the active day with a vinyasa flow and standing poses to invigorate the muscles, then finish off the second half of class with static sitting poses to focus on stretching the ligaments and tendons to replenish the synovial fluid of the joints.
    Instructor: Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200

  • Aerial Restorative Yoga
  • Join us for this lunch time decompression yoga class as a nice end to the weekday. The class will primarily focus on gentle, relaxing, restorative poses to benefit both the body and mind.  Poses will be performed on the ground as well as in the aerial yoga hammocks.  Class will end in some fun variations of Savasana such as cocoon in the aerial yoga hammocks!
    • Aerial Hammocks will be set about 10 inches off the ground for more restorative poses vs. full inversions done in more acrobatic classes.
    • Please observe this class is not for people with:
    • Vertigo • Inner Ear Conditions • Recent Surgery (eye or body within last 6 months) • Glaucoma • Recent Concussion or Head Injury • Epilepsy • Recent Stroke (within last 6 months) • Botox (within 24 hours) • Pregnant • Propensity for Fainting • Hiatal Hernia • Sutures in any part of the body • Artificial or re-surfaced hips • Recent gashes, lacerations, or wounds • If you are taking any medications that can cause dizziness, light headedness, propensity for fainting, or extreme fatigue
    • If you are unsure if this class is right for you please consult your doctor.
    Instructor: Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200

  • Prenatal Yoga Tribe, All Levels
  • If you're interested in learning helpful poses and exercises as you prepare for baby this is the class for you. Join Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200 for a gentle, feel good prenatal yoga class that is specifically designed for the pregnant mother’s body as well as to assist her mentally for labor and life after baby.

    Find a supportive community of women as you take care of yourself and baby during this important time. This class includes mindful movement with yoga poses, a heavy focus on breath and mind techniques, along with a different theme each class to bring intention to the practice.

    Instructor: Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200 

    Cost: $15 - Special Drop-In Pricing available. Please call 307-699-7480 for more details


  • Therapeutic Yoga, Level 1-2
  • This class emphasizes breath, postural foundation, flexibility, and stability through gentle yoga postures. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, this class will assist with developing a pain-free practice.
    Instructor: Natasha Undem RYT-500


  • BackBody Yoga, All Levels
  • For those with chronic low back pain, several studies suggest yoga as an effective treatment among other benefits such as improved mood, stress reduction, and lower healthcare costs. With low back pain as the most common cause of pain in the United States and back injury as the leading and most expensive cause of workers’ compensation claims (Boston Medical Center) it’s no wonder yoga has become a saving grace for some as a cost effective alternative to other treatment.
    Join us for this educational and movement based class to increase awareness and attention to your "Back Body".  Release stress, compression, and tension, improve mobility, stability, coordination, balance, and strength to decrease pain, prevent injury, and enhance sports performance for better function and a more fulfilling life.
    Instructors: Francine Bartlett, PT, DPT, ACT, RYT
                        Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200


  • TRX Yoga, Level 1-2
  • TRX yoga suspension training is a great way to build strength, endurance, and increase flexibility and balance. The straps allow you to be supported in difficult positions, as well as increase or decrease your own personal level of difficulty.This class will focus on using the breath with Yoga inspired movements while using classic suspension training techniques. 
    Instructor: Rebecca Zulueta, RYT-200


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