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Homeopathic Remedies for The Flu

Homeopathy works quickly and gently for seasonal illnesses such as influenza and common colds, so I have compiled a short list of remedies that can help lessen the duration and severity of symptoms. There are multiple homeopathic remedies for the flu, but for the sake of simplicity, I have chosen the most commonly used ones to share with you. Most of these remedies can be found at natural food stores, and I have learned recently that Homeopathic remedies are becoming more easily accessible through mainstream drugstores such as Walgreen’s, which is great news! Read More


Sober October?! Tis the season…

This is the time of year where transition sets us in a new direction. If this has led you down the path of least resistance, you will find yourself feeling motivated, ready to accept positive change and put it in motion, or maybe you are feeling a bit off track coming out of the Summer season? Read More


Strolling Into September

As we stroll into September, it’s time to grab the fleece, cover up the hands and toes and get prepared for a beautiful Fall season. This month our intention at Medicine Wheel Wellness is on soaking up as much warm weather as possible while preparing to welcome the Winter. It’s a time for TRANSITION and that opens the door to try something new…don’t fight it, welcome it. Loosen up your feathers, shift your day to day schedule…get rid of the mundane and add in something fresh to create variety, growth and motivation for a healthy shift. Read More


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