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3 Ways to Cultivate More Gratitude in your Life

At times we can get caught up in our heads and easily fall blind to the rest of what’s going on in the world.  By taking the time to step back from what’s going on in our lives and focus on being present, we start to see and feel more.  The earth is moving all around us, with us.  By focusing on the positive in life we can shift our mindset to feel and be a part of this great universe! Here are a few tips on how to cultivate more gratitude in your life and find that connection:

I'm grateful for...
  • Create a gratitude journal.  Start the day off right by writing five things you’re grateful for everyday.  This practice can make you realize how much you do have in your life to be grateful for.  If you’re already into this daily practice, kick it up a notch by writing out a description of why you’re grateful for these things.  Focusing even a little more thought will create greater awareness and reinforce the gratitude on a deeper level.
  • Stop thinking and EXPRESS your gratitude.  Take the time to express to the people in your life how grateful you are for what they do.  People truly appreciate authenticity.  By allowing yourself to speak from the heart it’s easy to find something to be grateful about.  If you’re feeling too shy to tell them in person, handwrite a special note.  You’ll not only make their day, but seeing their surprise and appreciation will give you an extra boost of positivity for the day.
  • Use a daily affirmation.  Choosing a daily mantra such as “I am enough”, “I have more than enough”, etc. can go a long way in reaffirming one’s blessings in life.  It’s also believed that the use of a mala with 108 beads allows the mantra to activate the 108 nadis or energy channels in our body.  This not only reaffirms the mantra in our minds, but also within our energetic being which can be felt by others.

Integrating these tips into your daily life will set you on a pathway to a more positive mindset.  And remember, practicing gratitude can go a long way not just in your own life but those you share it with so get out there and give thanks!

- Rebecca Zulueta has worked in the field of wildlife ecology for over 10 years, studying everything from chimpanzees to brown bears around the world. She has a joint Master’s of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development.

She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder, Bear Safety Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor (200-RYT), and Reiki Practitioner.  Rebecca is currently designing creative approaches to help connect people to nature and themselves.  

If you're looking to realign your energy and remove stress, find peace in your day to day life by calming the mind, or release tension in the body with a relaxing yoga sessions. Call 307-699-7480 to book a session with Rebecca.

PS. You can also join Rebecca on her adventures through the natural world by visiting www.naturallywildandfree.com

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