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Intuitive Psychic & Energy Coaching at Medicine Wheel Wellness


Psychic Sessions with an Intuitive Psychic Coach

“The best advice I have ever been given: ‘turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones’” – Jennifer

Jennifer Pepper is a practicing Intuitive Wellness Coach and Aromatherapist that communicates with psychic abilities and energetic training. Since 2010, she has coached and consulted with businesses, individuals, couples and children in developing greater personal awareness, talents, abilities and purpose in the United States, Asia and Europe.

“I see the energetic Universes surrounding and defining the nature of a human being, this energetic information is relevant and usually important for the spirit to grow.”  Jennifer’s work is about bringing a person into his or her own awareness by sharing what is residing in, attached to or surrounding them. The insights often include archetypal relationships, geographic relations and opportunities often clearing away blocks and obstacles. Every sentient being has an energetic “body” that effects relationships within and outside themselves.  Accessing this information allows for accelerated personal growth and profound soul awareness.

Intuitive Soul Sessions

An intuitive soul session will offer insights, information and directions for navigating life and the neverending changes, channels and choices. A Soul Session includes mind, body and spirit energy record assessment and energy mapping.

(15 min) - $45

Available to existing clients and wellness practitioners.

(30 min) - $75
Insights on relationship dynamics, physical wellbeing, geographic connections and general overall perspective on current life themes and patterns.

(45 min) - $115
Most recommended experience. Explore and understand your relationship with body, mind and spirit by understanding balance, wellness and energetic abundance for optimal results.

(65 min) - $155
This reading will give deep intuitive energy mapping, karmic partnership patterns and recommendations for realignments and/or recommendations for enhanced well being and balance. Life is constant change.

Numerology Report - $50
By decoding the unique values within your name and birthdate, allow even deeper understanding of the nature of timing and flow.

Past Life Session - $225
90-120 minutes of deep peace and relaxation. Travel back in time and reclaim your soul stories. These are recorded past life experiences which often provide clarity around archetypal patterns, karmic contracts and overcoming obstacles in life when viewed from the perspective of several past lives.

Would you like to schedule an Intuitive Session, or do you have questions about my work? I would love to hear from you!

If you’re looking to schedule, please complete this form, including your time zone and a little bit about yourself. I will respond to you within 24 hours to confirm the appointment. Thank you!


Couples Session (90 min) - $225
Discover your energy contracts and enlightened patterns for love, balance, restoration and creation in partnerships. Much like weather patterns and seasonal shifts, relationships too have cycles. Work with Jennifer and discover the magical wonders of new and long lasting partnerships. Often leading to deeper appreciation and awareness of the Nature of Soul connections.

Children Under 18 - $50
Children often see or hear angels and spirits. These are art sessions, and as Jennifer communicates with the guides and angels around the child, the communication is evidenced with drawing and coloring images that are interpreted.

Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Teaching  (Hourly, Weekly and Monthly Rates)
Want to learn about your Psychic Abilities and how to access and work with Intuitive Awareness? Jennifer offers private one on one Training, Group Classes and Corporate Retreats. A Certified Life Coach, Aromatherapist with an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, learn and explore your Energetic Self with a practicing Intuitive Psychic.


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