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Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health & Life Coaching


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Emotional Health Facilitator
Integrative Nutrition/Wellness
Holistic Health & Life Coach
For same day appointments, please call 307-699-7480

Jenny uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle to improve clients' health and wellbeing. Jenny works as a guide and facilitator towards overall health in nutrition, relationships, spirituality, physical activity and careers. 



Consultations are customized to a client's needs upon evaluation. Sessions include:

  • nutritional education
  • goals & lifestyle plan
  • grocery shopping tips & trades
  • ordering off restaurant menu strategies
  • cosmetic & personal product use & overview
  • food storage techniques
  • efficiencies to manage daily routines
  • how to enhance personal surroundings and make them nourishing
  • referrals to correct health practitioners
  • and so much more




Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health Coaching, & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching


50 Min. Holistic Nutrition/Wellness Session- $125

Packages available

 In a Holistic Nutrition/Wellness Session, you will learn how to create your new, healthier life – and you’ll walk away with the tools to maintain it. During this 50-minute session, we will gain an understanding of your lifestyle. Upon reviewing your diet, product use and lifestyle choices, a plan for success will be provided to support you in achieving your wellness goals. Each session is followed up with a personalized plan for health and wellbeing, including recipes, supplements and referrals to our integrated team as needed.  For the week after the session, client’s have complete support through text and email to answer any questions or solve any problems. Support is the greatest key to success. Sessions & Support are conducted in person, on Skype and over the phone.


90 Min. Initial Health Evaluation - $195

 When is the last time you were able to talk about your health and get the personal attention you deserve? A Wellness Evaluation & Assessment is an extensive and intensive look into your holistic health make up. We will evaluate all aspects of your lifestyle from your physical health to your spiritual connectivity. From this assessment, I will give you an overview of your current holistic health, identify problem areas and provide strategies to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Wellness Evaluation & Assessments are conducted in person, on Skype and over the phone with a follow-up plan of care.

•   Your physical health- we go will over your health history, illnesses, infections, injuries & surgeries

•   Your nutritional health- we will go over your current diet, eating habits, beliefs and perceptions of food & understanding of nutrition

•   Your physical activity- we will go over how you move, routine exercise habits and activity needs

•   Your emotional wellbeing- we will go over your current emotional wellbeing, past emotional experiences and traumas, relationships and family dynamics

•   Your spiritual connectivity- understanding of faith, beliefs, values, ethics and meaningfulness in your life and coming to know that you have a purpose to fulfill


The form below is a private way to contact Jenny.  Please use it to reach out or ask any questions about her services.


90 Min. Home Evaluation & Assessment - $195  -  (Please call 307-699-7480 to set up a Home Appointment)

How we live is a great indicator of our health and wellbeing. Our homes give us the most control over toxicities and unhealthy choices. A Home Evaluation and Assessment involves Jenny Collins coming to your residence and identify all unhealthy and toxic products from your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms & laundry room. She will explain why the items identified are not beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Then, you will receive an email with a list of healthy alternatives to replace identified items. Jenny Collins & Co. does not believe in living perfectly but we do believe in making a better choice. When we have a home that is clean and healthful, we can live outside the home free of concern and controversy.

•   Time in your home to discuss and ask questions about healthy living and product use

•   Complete review of your current products

•   Information about replacement products and where to purchase


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