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Severin Weilenmann is a Growth Facilitator specializing in Energy Healing through the modalities of InnerDance, Emotional Reprogramming, Thai-Yoga Massage, Martial Arts and YouIWe Practice. 


Medicine Wheel Wellness Founder, Francine Bartlett met Severin in Palawan, Philippines in November, 2017 at the raw food detox and healing retreat, Bahay Kalipay.  She traveled far and away to this unique destination due to its offering of InnerDance, a healing modality introduced to her while participating in musician and humanitarian Michael Franti's "Practice Your Propose" Retreat at SoulShine in Bali, Indonesia in May 2017. It has now become a full-circle journey bringing Severin and the InnerDance, a conscious trance and unique sound and energy healing meditation practice to Jackson Hole this December 2nd-14th.  Learn more about InnerDance and Bahay Kalipay Founder, Pi Villaraza.


Register below to learn more about InnerDance, experience a class, become a Facilitator to add this healing modality to your current practice or to immerse in this transformative process, attend the Emotional Reprograming Workshop, or experience a private healing session.   

"My pedagogy aims at raising my students’ consciousness, support awareness of the mind and help healing and strengthening the body. Through precise explanations I connect the practice and the science behind it. Through this the students can mentally grasp the effects of the practice on themselves and build bridges on how to use the techniques in their daily life. This process improves the sensitivity for ones own mind, body and perception of wholeness." -Severin Weilenmann

Visit Severin's website: www.YouIWe.rocks



Experience the InnerDance and get to know Sev and what he offers.  Two options, same class.  You're welcome to attend both. 
Sunday, December 2nd, 6-8:30pm: Donations Appreciated
Monday, December 3rd, 6:45-9pm: Donations Appreciated
InnerDance is not a dance, even though sometimes the body does move spontaneously. Many participants have cathartic experiences and gain deep insights and realizations about life and themselves. It can be described as a music-based journey that provides for participants to dive deep within themselves and overcome blockages and fears and gain higher self-love and acceptance. People eventually arrive at a point of greater freedom, because they feel what they are and have gained more courage to be it.
When you lie down on a yoga mat, music will be played. The facilitator touches, presses or massages some of your chakra or meridian points on your body and that’s basically it. That is all that can be observed on the outside but what happens on the inside is a totally different story!
Learn how to reprogram yourself when we look at emotions as a sensation felt in the body as vibration, we could also call them energy in motion. Vibration moving is a wave. A wave holds information. It’s a code. Some codes feel more joyful others rather uncomfortable. Codes can be changed, reprogrammed and over written. Emotions are not bound to time therefore we can feel something now that happened in the past. In this workshop, we will experience this and learn how to overwrite old patterns and replace them with new waves that serve us now to be fully present with who we are. Cost $20.


InnerDance Open Classes


InnerDance is not a dance, nor a meditation or form of Shavasana although many experience an altered state of mind and gain deep insights and realizations as the practice is truly about experiencing an awakened dream cycle.
It can be described as a music-based journey that provides for participants to dive deep within themselves and release blockages and gain higher self-love and acceptance. 
When you lie down on a yoga mat (please bring yours if you have one), music will be played to invite your thoughts into purposeful brainwave patterns simulating our natural dream state.
The Facilitator(s) offer healing touch and gentle massage, play instruments, sound bowls, and offer natural medicines like essential oils to assist in deepening your experience. That is all that can be observed on the outside but what happens on the inside is a totally different story as you flow through the wave of your own InnerDance.
Francine, Gene, Drea, Janelle, NikiSue
$25 Suggested Donation


InnerDance Energy School Facilitator Training 

To practice as an InnerDance Facilitator, all training sessions, Parts I-V must be attended.  Click on any Part I-V description below to Sign Up!

Ask about our Practitioners Discount to SAVE $100!

Part 1: Tuesday, Dec. 4th, 6:45-9pm

Part 2: Thursday, Dec. 6th, 6:45-9pm

Part 3: Saturday, Dec 8th, 4-6:15pm

Part 4: Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 6:45-9pm

Part 5: Friday, Dec. 14th, 5-6:30pm and 6:45-9pm


InnerDance breaks many of the old patterns. One is the teacher student hierarchy. It’s not a top to bottom teaching but rather an instant activation of the master within. Growing into spiritual maturity means, that nobody knows better what you are and how to interpret your experience than yourself. It’s for you to remember something you already know. As soon as you trust it you will remember how to facilitate an InnerDance. Holding space, being with what is with acceptance, compassion and understanding, seeing the wholeness in the part, seeing the cosmic connection beyond the personal story and experience is what we remember to be. We look inside to live the wakeful dream. As Carl C. Jung said: Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Everything is sacred but how do we help people to become aware of this? How do we create a space where this is felt? When inside and outside are one one, then how do we help the body to experience this sacred wave? How do we help itto open up to itself? To trust it, so it can let go and merge with everything there is? What does it mean to hold space for someone experiencing the wakeful dream? How can we help the dreamer to dive deeper into the wakeful state? How do we work with the physical body and how can we connect it to the non-physical bodies? The answers will be in the centre of Part II.
Music is the fundamental supporter of the innerdance. It’s all about waves and music is loaded with waves. We can play with these waves to create a space in which it is easier to dive into the space inbetween the spaces, where it all opens up. We will look at the two waves that weave into each other and create a space that some people call awakening. Afterwards you will know how to create a playlist for the innerdance.
The next step is to look at the outside and experience it inside. We will do partner work, where you will face things facilitators face when they allow themselves to be the tool for someone else and see the oneness in this experience. It’s about awakening the inner healer. Realizing that we know what we don’t know means that our bodies know how to heal themselves. We will look at how to awaken the inner healer, how to trust intuition to let it guide our bodies to be used by the space to facilitate processes of healing and awakening.
You will be fully immersed into remembering by that point in time. Information will be organized, questions will be expanded, answers will be integrated and we will learn how to honor a process by bringing it full circle and bless it with gratitude and love, as in the end it is all about that: Love and light. By then so much energy will be in the space that we will want to share it. We shall hold space together for each other and many other beautiful souls coming to lay down and experience the wakeful dream in the open class following The Energy School.
InnerDance Open class with Energy School Participants Co-Facilitating with Severin: 6:45-9pm


Private Healing Sessions

Use the interactive calendar above to book private healing sessions.  Severin is available by appointment only December 3rd - December 14th, 2018. 


Thai-Yoga Massage:

It’s a sacred dance, where mindful touch helps the body to release muscular and energetic blockages. It’s a dance where movement flows into stillness. Deep, long-held pressure flows into a vibrant touch. You come in comfortable trainers and lay down on a mat on the ground. As the sacred space is opened I will flow with you through a process many come out, enriched with an

experience that opened more than just their bodies. 90 minutes is recommended.


Emotional Reprogramming:

Asking your body we will find out which chakras need some cleansing and refilling. After having done that we will look at the thoughts and experiences you hold that we need to reprogram, so the chakras will flow more openly in the future. We will do the work and if you wish it add a rite of passage into spiritual maturity. This process will be closed with a session of savasana, to integrate the new vibration.


YouIWe Practice:

It’s all about you. Where are you now, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally? Then we shall take from my experience in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Massaging, Meditation, Innerdance and body work what might best serve us, so we can dive into the You-I-We Practice and facilitate growth.


All Private Sessions:

60 Min. Session: $88

90 Min. Session: $110

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