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Image: Medicine Wheel sunset photograph by Tom Melham
There have been about 100 medicine wheels found in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, but it is the one in the Bighorn National Forest in eastern Wyoming that is "The Medicine Wheel". Native American cultures built medicine wheels to symbolize dimensions of health and life. Seventy-five feet in diameter and at an elevation of 9,642-feet, the Bighorn Medicine Wheel is a national historic landmark; it is the best preserved and most complete medicine wheel yet discovered.
Our Medicine Wheel Healing Protocol
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Supported by the natural spirit of Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks and inspired by Medicine Wheel National Monument in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, Medicine Wheel Wellness has been created to provide a path to optimal living through a balance of the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Aspects of Well-Being. 


Our Medicine Wheel Healing Protocol integrates Modern Medicine modalities offered by experts in their professional field with the Ancient Wisdom of The Medicine Wheel to optimize health, wellness, and human performance.  Our holistic medical wellness services address all four aspects of well-being, a healthcare system all of its own, but is then further integrated utilizing the natural healing principles of The Medicine Wheel, to create a comprehensive healing protocol to serve a greater purpose for givers AND receivers.  We heal and apply our professional skills within the principles found in Nature by way of the Four Directions and within a collaborative setting to offer convenience, affordability, and accessibility creating more efficiency and better outcomes.  Together, our integrated Medical Wellness team and The Medicine Wheel offer a solution like no other to reshape the future of healthcare, healing, and happiness. 


We offer daily one-on-one therapeutic services, rehab-fitness-performance classes, wellness education workshops, customized Health Plan Programs, Healing Intensive & Sports Performance Retreats, a Healing Arts Gallery, and a Wellness Boutique. 


Come Heal With Us!  There's nothing better than coupling a wellness healing experience and a Jackson Hole vacation to optimize your health and intentional lifestyle!




Integrating the Ancient Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel with Modern Medical professional healthcare services, we create opportunity to optimize health, healing, and well-being for the individual, our community, and the planet as a whole. The foundation of our Medicine Wheel Healing Protocol is The Medicine Wheel inspired by Native American culture and the natural process of healing through nature's Four Directions (North, South, East, West) applied to the four aspects of well-being: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual to create change.  


The initial step is to ask for assistance and identify inspiration and purpose through our Spiritual Health Aspect.  The Mental Health Aspect is to gain focus, set goals, and create a dedicated process.  Emotional Health addresses a re-birth, a starting over with healthy habits and intention.  And the Physical Health Aspect addresses the ability to make consistent choices to create the change you wish to be and experience ascension and a new way of living. 


Each Direction of The Medicine Wheel represents a stage of life (birth, adolescence, adult, elderly), a season (Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall), an Earth element (air, fire, water, earth), a spirit animal (bear, buffalo, eagle, wolf), and plant medicine (cedar, sage, sweetgrass, tobacco) which act as additional tools to aid in healing and gaining balance along with the modern medical professionals applying their skills to further expedite the healing process. Together, this is the integrated healing protocol to optimize your health, wellness, and create the change and life you've been dreaming of. 


The four colors of the Medicine Wheel (red, yellow, white, black) represent all people.  No matter the color of your skin, what you believe, or how you conduct your life, you are welcome to enter our doors and COME HEAL WITH US. 


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