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Applied Kinesiology

"Sam came into my life at a time when I was struggling in the wake of a very difficult breakup. My grief was manifesting itself through a flare up of my anxiety disorder and cycles of insomnia. Sam lovingly offered up her skills in Applied Kinesiology work and deep listening. Her presence and treatments left me feeling nourished, held, and heard. Her combination of true, radical loving-presence, and what I can only describe as a “magic” touch will help you find your own strength and center. Whenever I fall into another cycle of insomnia I wish she lived closer to give my mind-body a magical Sam-reset! Her deep, intuitive knowledge of the mind-body-soul connection is clear through her loving application of Kinesiology work, and she helps you to see and release where you are holding fear and grief in your body. I deeply recommend anyone who is feeling at all off balance or who just seeks to nourish their body and spirit to work with Sam!" -Lena B.



Applied Kinesiology uses a series of gentle muscle testing to determine areas of imbalance in the body’s system. Each muscle relates to an energetic meridian, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When a muscle shows signs of weakness, it tells us that the integrity of that meridian is not balanced due to deeper stress in the physical, mental, and emotional realms related to that specific meridian.


Stress and imbalance enter the body’s complex due to emotional trauma, muscular or postural injury, non-beneficial thought patterning, inhibited neuroendocrine flow, lack of person-specific nutrients, and energy blockages in the meridian system. Therefore, a weak muscle, (besides potentially having a physical weakness) can give clues to deeper misalignments in your system!


Using gentle hands-on methods including massage, craniosacral therapy methods, muscle activation techniques, and acupressure, imbalances in all realms are restored and one can enjoy the benefits of an unobstructed life-force for optimal well-being. When the system is balanced, healthy neuropathways that benefit your physical, mental, and emotional response systems thrive, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful internal environment and self-healing. This process also teaches us a lot about ourselves and our beneficial and non-beneficial patterns.



Sam is a Level 4 Touch-for-Health Applied Kinesiology Practitioner, is 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certified from the Prajna School of Yoga, has 200 hours of Massage Therapy training from the McKinnon Body Therapy Institute, and is a PSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor.  
Sam offers Applied Kinesiology sessions, Breath & Flow Yoga classes, signature class Kinesio-Yoga, and private yoga sessions. In both Applied Kinesiology and Yoga, our main goal is to create balance in your system. Balance exists when your physical, mental, and emotional energies are thriving and supporting each other. Yoga stretches and aligns the body’s fascia and muscle, opening the energy pathways that provide nourishment to your organs



Applied Kinesiology Session


90 Min. Balance Applied Kinesiology Session: $110
75 Min. Balance Applied Kinesiology Session: $90


*New Patient Special: 90 Min. Balance Applied Kinesiology Session: $75

*Packages available for all pricing options


Between Applied Kinesiology and Yoga Practices, my goals are to provide an integrative approach that benefits all aspects of the wheel (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) for optimal health.


-improved posture
-fascial opening to relieve chronic fatigue
-muscle repatterning to release overactive muscles while activating weak muscles

-identify root causes of negative thought patterns
-integrate new neuropathways for beneficial mental response patterns
-identify your goals and improve response patterns to setbacks


-balance of the subtle energy system for optimal well-being

-clear energy blockages along Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians
-understand where blockages are occurring and why
-restore the body’s life-force so that it can heal itself

This contact form is private. Please use to contact Sam directly or to inquire about Applied Kinesiology. 


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