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Tamara Clauson, L.Ac. and Dipl. O.M.

Certifications / Education:
Certified Massage Therapist from Pacific College of O.M., San Diego, CA
Masters Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of O.M., San Diego CA
B.S. in Medical Technology from University of Washington
California Acupuncture Board - Licensed Acupuncturist
NCCAOM – National Certification for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Services I offer and Specialties, why I’m unique vs. other providers offering this service?
Acupuncture, cupping, GuaSha, Acupressure, TuiNa & other forms of bodywork, Tuning Fork Therapy Acupuncture is my main modality, but I can modify treatments for other types of modalities, depending on how a person is reacting to needles, pressure, or touch, and the nature of their imbalance.
Why holistic wellness is important to me?
Not only is treating the whole person important, but I may not be able to do all that is needed. In fact, I often encourage people to try different modalities. People respond differently from one practitioner to another as well as to the modality, so it is important to find the right “key” or combination of modalities that will provide the best care.
How / where I integrate with the healing protocol of MWW (physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional)
Acupuncture treats all aspects of a person, but is most known for its physical effect in healing. People are often surprised to find other effects, especially relaxation after an acupuncture treatment. This relaxation can prepare a person for deeper work by another practitioner into the other levels of mental / spiritual / emotional. 
How I contribute to the health, wellness and healing of the JH community?
I provide Acupuncture to my clients, talk about Acupuncture and what it can do, how it can affect people’s health, well being, and better understanding themselves. I also talk about these things with friends & acquaintances and encourage them to make changes when appropriate.
Health and Wellness ritual I live by and recommend to all my clients?
Be physically active. * Find joy and contentment in everything one does even when it is not your passion. Breathe and have a personal mantra or prayer for calmness. Strive to see different views and respect for others, feed ones soul and body. *(Despite limitations one/you may perceive)
Personal interests and hobbies?
Being outside and moving, watching the seasons turn, animals, birds, & insects in nature. I try to be a Nature Mapper – a citizen scientist for keeping count of animals that I see. Otherwise, sliding on snow and rolling on pavement (bicycling). Walking on trails, enjoying the mountains, observing wild life and natural settings. All while cultivating human connection through friends, family, and the people I cross paths with over time.

Tamara Clauson, L.Ac. and Dipl. O.M. is currently not instructing any classes.

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