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Athlete Close-up: Brolin Mawajje

At age 12, Ugandan born Brolin Mawejje was just starting out in the U.S. By 14, he was living in Jackson with his adoptive family and snowboarding. Now 23, Brolin is a medical student, the star of a documentary

film (Far From Home, produced by brother Phil Hessler), and an Olympic hopeful. He is on track to compete in the 2018 Winter Games, and would be the first African Olympic snowboarder ever. Brolin has had to

convince the Uganda Olympic Committee that snowboarding is a sport. “There is no Ugandan Snowboarding Team to support me,” Brolin says. “Most of my team is Medicine Wheel Wellness.” A large part of Brolin’s

program is injury prevention and working with physical therapist Francine Bartlett. “She starts with an assessment, then gets right to the hands-on, working out muscle knots and stretching where I’m tight.”

Brolin’s training includes yoga and sport specific drills that work on sharpening his reaction time. It also includes balance work on the SURFSET Fitness boards, which allow dynamic training in a snowboard-specific

stance. Brolin does guided imagery and visualization training with Nick Krauss. “He’s also a high level athlete so understands performance,” he says. Brolin also generally starts or ends his training session on

the Far-Infrared Therapy BioMat. “I know it’s supposed to have a lot of health benefits and I really like it because it’s a time for me to relax.” Brolin believes his Opedix Dual Tec Tights have helped him stay injury

free. He wears them as his base-layer every day he snowboards. “Brolin is educated. He studies the human body and is the only athlete that has asked me for the research. This company has made shifts with

performance apparel. There’s a reason why the Opedix Ambassador Team includes athletes like Brolin, Travis Rice, and Crystal Wright,” says Francine.

To learn more about Brolin's Journey, and check out the movie Far From Home. Visit the website http://www.farfromhomemovie.com/


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