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Client Close-Up: Bill McClure

A fused back. Knee replacements. A shoulder replacement. An ankle replacement. At 74, Bill McClure has had more than his share of orthopedic issues. Still, today he skis, golfs, hikes, fishes, road bikes, and hunts. Last fall, out hunting with his grandson he shot an elk. This winter he’s skiing in Switzerland and Italy for two weeks. Then he’s going fishing in Argentina. “If I didn’t have Excel and Medicine Wheel to help with my rehab, I know I wouldn’t be doing lots of the things I am able to do,” he says.

After his back surgery several years ago, Bill climbed both the Grand Teton and Gannett Peak, the highest mountain in Wyoming.

Bill started like many clients do, with physical therapy. His PT even included trigger point dry needling (TPDN), a modality often used by PTs to aid with recovery. TPDN uses small needles, like those used in acupuncture, to calm localized muscle tightness or spasms by releasing the self-healing natural chemicals in the body.

“I’ve done all of my rehab for all my surgeries with Francine,” he says. After Medicine Wheel
Wellness was founded and Bill had graduated from PT for his shoulder replacement, Francine suggested he try some of the center’s fitness classes.“ She said they’d be a good progression from PT to help me continue to get fit without having to worry that I’d over do it,” he says.

Bill did Medicine Wheel’s knee rehab classes for some time but today is more into TRX and Mat Pilates. “I’ve found that TRX is the best thing for
my back and upper body,” he says. “In all the classes, the instructors tailor it. They start off by asking, ‘What do we want to work on today?’ or ‘Where are you sore?’ and then they listen to what you want. That is terribly important.”

Every couple of weeks, Bill follows a fitness class with a session on the BioMat in the Tranquility Room. The BioMat is an FDA-approved modality that emits far-infrared therapy rays and negative ions. The amethyst crystals inside the mat increase the depth heat can penetrate into your body, to 6- to -7 inches. This is 80% deeper than electric heat penetrates. “I’m laying there and I sweat a little bit and have this overall good feeling,” he says.

“When I’m done, I feel like I’ve been cleansed and I’m totally relaxed.” BioMats have been shown to reduce stress and can help with minor muscle pain, stiffness, and joint pain. “I sort of
look at Medicine Wheel Wellness as graduate school for well-being,” Bill says. “You go through one-on-one therapy at Excel and then you go downstairs to classes or use the BioMat and continue what you’ve been doing.” 

Medicine Wheel Wellness offers affordable, cash-based injury care services along with a variety of small group classes that emphasize injury recovery, fitness, and increasing function. Classes stress personal attention to ensure you use proper movement mechanics and achieve maximal results.

Level 1-2 classes require mild-moderate levels of effort and are designed as a progression from injury rehab, for those who are new to fitness, or for athletes who are looking for a lighter workout to focus on the essentials of alignment, stability, and mobility.

Level 2-3 classes are moderate-high effort and designed for those who have a healthy foundation and are looking for a dynamic workout to enhance fitness, sports performance, and prevention of injury.


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