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Needles Everywhere

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that currently requires a master’s degree to practice. Acupuncturists are required to pass a national certifying board exam, as well as become certified in clean needle technique and spend over 1,000 hours in a supervised, hands-on, clinical setting.

Dry needling has been around since the 1940s and has recently begun gaining in popularity at PT clinics, where licensed physical therapists use it as an additional tool in their bag of healing techniques.

During dry needling, needles are placed directly into the location of pain (usually soft-tissue related). This causes a lesion in the tissue small enough to avoid damage but big enough to cause the body to release and send its natural anti-inflammatory chemicals to the area to expedite healing.

Acupuncture also targets injured tissues this way, but includes many other points on the body correlated with energy flow referred to as meridians. The whole body approach to treatment allows the practitioner to look beyond the local pain. Acupuncture has a wide scope that includes acute and chronic problems such as sports injuries, post surgical pain, swelling, inflammation, headaches, stress, digestion, sleep, Ob/Gyn issues including infertility, and much more.

Yes, both acupuncture and dry needling involve needles and help relieve pain. But that’s about all these two treatments have in common.

Most insurance companies reimburse for dry needling services under physical therapy benefits but if it is not covered, an out-of-pocket single session can cost up to $200. Excel Physical Therapy offers a monthly donation based dry needling clinic at Medicine Wheel Wellness the last Wednesday of every month. Call 307-699-7480 to book!

Treatments from Taug Bosche, whose practice East of the Tetons Acupuncture, is inside Medicine Wheel Wellness, are $50 each. Wyoming insurance does not usually cover acupuncture. Patients wanting an aggressive course of treatment can purchase a 2-week package (up to 10 treatments) for $200. Call Taug at 307-690-6275 to book.

Our other in-house Acupuncturist is Susie Rosenberger, and her business is Crown Roots Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Susie currently offers her services at Medicine Wheel Saturdays and Sundays. Contact her directly at 646-753-0742 to book today!


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