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Why You Should Train Movement, Not Ego

Unless you plan on competing in a strong man competition, or at a crossfit event, why would you train as if you are?gymnastics-artistic-gymnastics-gymnast-gymnasts-silhouette-Hoodies

You most likely want to exercise so that you will feel better, perform better in your activities, have more energy, live pain free, reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, and looking better is a nice benefit as well.

Exercise as a whole will help reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, weight training will reduce the risk of osteoporosis and make you look better.


What makes you feel better, perform better, have more energy, and live pain free? 



You see, humans are designed to move, we are the greatest machine ever created. Look at a gymnast, their athleticism and ability to move efficiently is incredible. 20110907-gsovhikg1-08

In order to move better, you must practice movement. I'm not just talking about walking around type movement. I'm talking about moving your body through all its ranges of motion with proper form.

When you train movement, such as yoga, you're in a constant state of re-training your brain to move efficiently in all activities.

When you weight train movement, you're applying yoga-esk movements under load. 

Think about a baseball player right before they go to bat. They are "on deck" and put a bunch of weights onto their baseball bat and swing it around.

Then, once they're up to the plate, the bat they are swinging feels effortless and light. 

Treat training your body for your activities the same way, practice movements that you are DESIGNED to perform under load. 

Then, in your sport, many of those same movements, or even surprise moments, will feel effortless and pain free.

How do you train movement?

There are many options. My personal favorites are kettlebells, the steel mace, battleropes, sandbags, steel clubs, and medicine balls.

Some other options:_SES7151

1: Yoga
2: Pilates

Why did I not chose barbells you may ask. Well, Barbells are incredible way to build strength, but not necessarily a way to train movement.

You are stuck in one plane of motion. You can get strong, yes. But will it help you move efficiently? No. 

So why not train strength and movement at the same time? Why would you not want to be strong AND move well?

Well you can, with those options I told you before.

The thing is, if you're not a well paid athlete that spends most of their day stretching, eating well, and exercising in all aspects, then you most likely have a few kinks or old injuries.

Think now about your body like a soda can. If you stand on a soda can when it's fully in-tact, it will accept quite a large amount of weight. Similar to a professional athlete who actually could use the benefits of heavy lifting.

But, if you maybe work a regular job, aren't taking at least 2 hrs a day to stretch, do fascial release, or any other number of body treatment practices, your body is more like a soda can with a couple dents in it.

So, what happens now? The soda can crushes. So if you aren't fully aligned to emphasis proper movement always, what are you doing by lifting so heavy? You are emphasising error!

Now, you may not feel the effects of this damage right away, but down the road, it's going to manifest in evil ways that could take many, many years to fix.

The problem with our society is everyone is living in such instant gratification that nobody thinks about the future.

Our bodies are no exception. Train your body for movement, look better, feel better, get ALL the benefits you're looking for that will last you a long time well into your later years.

If you're unsure of which modality is best for you. Stop by Medicine Wheel Wellness today or call 307-699-7480 to speak with one of our movement specialists! 

-By Adam Dowell


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