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           Concussion Screening Clinic

                   Please Call 307-699-7480 to schedule a screening

                   Cost: $30



The Concussion Screening Clinic (CSC) offers 30-min comprehensive screenings, including a two-part protocol assessing signs & symptoms, impairments, and dysregulations of the nervous system.  The CSC is serviced by Nick Krauss BCN, BHC, IRC and Gillian Berrian DPT. 



Part 1. Vestibular Assessment

VOMS (Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening): Assessing the vestibular and ocular-motor systems as these are commonly impaired after a concussion and may delay recovery if not properly treated.  If you are experiencing headache, dizziness, blurry vision, or poor balance, this is an important part of your assessment.


What Can a Physical Therapist (PT) Do?


Dizziness, balance issues, headache, neck pain: If you have these symptoms, your vestibular system has been affected, and you will benefit from individualized vestibular rehabilitation to reduce or stop your dizziness. This is especially important to address in order to prevent long-term neurocognitive problems



Part 2. Autonomic Nervous System Assessment

HRV-S (Heart Rate Variability Screening): Concussions not only alter brain connectivity, but also alter cardiac functioning and impair cardiovascular performance upon exertion. Altered sympathetic and parasympathetic balance in the Autonomic Nervous System has been proposed as a critical factor in refractory post-concussive syndrome (PCS). In addition to health benefits, optimal HRV has been shown to improve neurocognitive performance by enhancing focus, visual acuity and readiness, and by promoting emotional regulation needed for peak performance.  If you are experiencing general fatigue, cognitive confusion, forgetfulness, slow reaction timing, or heightened emotional reaction, a screening and follow-up training with HRV can be very beneficial for recovery and return to optimal performance.

Follow-Up Care:  Resources and referrals to minimize individual symptoms and reduce long term effects of concussion will be discussed upon completion of screening.


Injury Recovery Coach
Physical Therapist
Dry Needling Clinic

Gillian Berrian is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with training in post-concussive and vestibular rehabilitation. She works at Excel Physical Therapy and Medicine Wheel Wellness and treats many orthopedic and sports-related injuries including head injury.  She uses a variety of techniques including Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, and cervical spine assessment to complement an individualized rehabilitation treatment plan.


*The CSC is not a physician-based clinic, therefore we do not provide or order prescription medications.  However, we work closely with our local physicians and will make the appropriate referrals for any emergency or care that goes outside the scope of practice for a sports-medicine based concussion screening clinic.  We do not offer x-rays or MRI imaging.

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