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Detox Health Plan Program


Detox Health Plan Program at Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY

Our Health Plan Programs are designed for personalized and facilitated attention from your Program Guide who specializes in the aspect of care (Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional) for the program you seek (Performance, Wellness, Injury Care, Detox).  The 30-day Health Plan Programs have been created to gain a long-term transformation for a life shift and to be guided on a new path with direction, support, and consistent care so you have more insight, consistency, and accountability with a team of professionals who truly care about the efforts you are making and the change you wish to be.


The Detox Health Plan is ideal for someone looking to release toxins after poor eating/drinking habits, inflammatory build up after injury, or to restore and rejuvenate the body for a fresh start to healthy habits. 



One 30 Min. Holistic Assessment with Program Guide

A Holistic Assessment is initiated by your Program Guide, who is determined from an initial intake as you choose the program that is right for you.  The assessment and initial Meet Up with your Program Guide dives into your general health and wellness needs, goals, interests, and time availability to create an optimal schedule and customizable approach to your program to achieve optimal outcomes.  Each of our Health Plan Programs include a Professional Facilitator guiding you through the month of care offering their specialized service along with the integrated team your program includes and one-month of unlimited fitness studio classes which will be reviewed with you and prescribed to suit your needs best.


One Month of Unlimited fitness studio classes (workshops/events not included)

Enjoy a variety of classes to reset your body’s alignment, stretch, sweat and strengthen to increase circulation and assist with the detoxification process. Recommended class: Strength & Conditioning to sweat out the waste. Restorative YogaTouch can help detox the mind from stress and overloaded thoughts.


One 45 Minute AromaTouch Technique session

A clinical approach using gentle massage to restore homeostasis through the systematic application of essential oils. The treatment works to reduce stress, improve immune health, decrease inflammation and repair autonomic imbalance to create overall systemic benefits.


One 30 minute Nature Wellness Consultation

Learn the benefits of how Nature can assist with your healing, health, and detox whether physical or emotional. Choose from gaining insight in the fields of Art Therapy or Shamanism. 


One 50 Minute Integrative Nutritional Health Session

Spending time with a practitioner to emphasize healthy eating and lifestyle choices is very valuable in the process of change. Let your Detox process be guided by an expert specializing in Integrative Nutrition providing a map to make your ideal transformation.





One 30 Min. Holistic Assessment with Program Guide

One-Month of Unlimited Fitness Studio Classes

One 45 Minute AromaTouch Technique Sessions

One 30-min Nature Wellness Professional Consult

One 50 Minute Integrative Nutritional Health Session 




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