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Injury Care Health Plan


Injury Care Health Plan Program at Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY

Our Health Plan Programs are designed for personalized and facilitated attention from your Program Guide who specializes in the aspect of care (Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional) for the program you seek (Performance, Wellness, Injury Care, Detox).  The 30-day Health Plan Programs have been created to gain a long-term transformation for a life shift and to be guided on a new path with direction, support, and consistent care so you have more insight, consistency, and accountability with a team of professionals who truly care about the efforts you are making and the change you wish to be.


The Injury Care Health Plan has been designed for non-emergency orthopedic and sports injuries. It is ideal for those looking for a injury recovery plan outside the traditional clinical setting, those transitioning out of Physical Therapy, or people ready to truly heal from chronic, low-grade discomfort. 



One 30 Min. Holistic Assessment with Program Guide

A Holistic Assessment is initiated by your Program Guide, who is determined from an initial intake as you choose the program that is right for you.  The assessment and initial Meet Up with your Program Guide dives into your general health and wellness needs, goals, interests, and time availability to create an optimal schedule and customizable approach to your program to achieve optimal outcomes.  Each of our Health Plan Programs include a Professional Facilitator guiding you through the month of care offering their specialized service along with the integrated team your program includes and one-month of unlimited fitness studio classes which will be reviewed with you and prescribed to suit your needs best.


One Month of Unlimited fitness studio classes (workshops/events not included)

Our rehab-based fitness classes are ideal for tending to injury care. Choose from Upper or Lower Body Conditioning, Mat Pilates, Therapeutic Yoga and Restorative Yoga to take you from injured to healed. Our rehab-based fitness classes are taught by Licensed Physical Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers and highly qualified Certified Personal Trainers who can answer your questions and give you the proper attention you need to feel safe and progress toward better health.


One 45 Minute Rehab Therapy Session

Choose from a Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care Session to evaluate and treat your injury to optimize healing and return to your activity feeling better than before.


One Healing Mat Therapy session

Your Program Guide will advise on which Healing Mat Therapy session is ideal for your recovery. Choose from a 40-min BioMat Far-Infrared Therapy or BEMER Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency session to assist with circulation and blood flow, reducing inflammation and toxins within the body. 


One 60 Minute Injury Recovery Coaching session

Receive education and training on how to balance mental, emotional, and nervous system states which directly influence the chemical and hormonal make-up of your body and how it plays a huge role in either facilitating or deterring your physical recovery process. 




One 30 Min. Holistic Assessment with Program Guide

One Month of Unlimited Fitness Studio Classes

One 45 Minute Rehab Therapy Session

One Healing Mat Therapy Session

One 60 Minute Injury Recovery Coaching Session



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