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Pilates Classes at Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY
“I fully recommend Medicine Wheel’s Pilates classes. The small class size means you get as much attention as you need and they spend lots of time making sure you’re getting the full benefit from the classes. My core strength and flexibility have improved significantly, with little to no back pain anymore, making a marked difference be it on the trail, the river, at home, or in the office.” -Cathy W.


Mat Pilates at Medicine Wheel Wellness is a form of strength and flexibility training that can be done by someone at any level of fitness. The exercises can also be adapted for people who have limited movement or who use wheel chairs. Pilates promotes a feeling of physical and mental well-being and also develops inner physical awareness.


The pilates method strengthens and lengthens the muscles without creating bulk.  It is also helpful in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries, improving posture, and increasing flexibility, circulation, and balance. Pregnant women who do these exercises can develop body alignment, improve concentration, and develop body shape and tone after pregnancy. Postpartum, pilates can help women bring awareness to their pelvic floor and regain strength for faster recovery.  Pilates is truly for anyone.

Current Pilates Classes


Mat Pilates emphasizes the fundamentals of core stability, flexibility, and strength. With a focus on finding your neutral pelvis and spine, this class is ideal for those recovering from injury, those who want emphasis on proper alignment and a strong foundation, and to improve performance. 
Instructor: Kim Armington, PTA, CPI, Comprehensive Pilates Instructor specializing in Mat, Reformer, and Pre-Post Natal Pilates 

Join Kim Armington, PTA, CPI, Pilates and Pre-Post Natal Specialist for this 4-week series of 8 pilates-based strength and stability classes designed specifically with the Prenatal, Birthing and Postnatal body in mind. Emphasis on gaining educational knowledge on essential pre/post natal topics to better your life. Babies Welcome! 
$18 Drop-in for individual classes, use your MWW punch card or sign-up to attend the full 8-class series for $120: http://mwwjh.com/workshop

Classes take place Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jan 8th-24th, 1:15-2:15pm in the Fitness Studio at Medicine Wheel Wellness.

Prenatal Pilates focuses on conditioning the core and pelvic floor while emphasizing flexibility, breathing and stability. The goal of this class is to support expecting mothers and their changing bodies during pregnancy and provides them with the physical and mental state and stamina that is needed in birthing.

Postnatal Pilates focuses on restoring of the core and pelvic floor conditioning following birth. Education, awareness and patience are emphasized as well as HEALING from the inside out. 

Pilates Instructors


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Mat Pilates

Pre/Post-Natal Pilates



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