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The Sportsmetrics™ program is a six week jump training program that is proven to decrease risk of ACL injuries by improving lower body biomechanics.  Research-proven plyometric exercises are the key component of the program.  It also includes a dynamic warm up, speed and agility training, a strength component, and stretching. Focus of the program is balance in strength from the front to the back of the thigh.  Trainer and athlete interaction is essential for improved movement in the plyometric jumping component.  These jumps are performed to train your neuromuscular system (fancy word for nerves and muscles) to move into safe positions, quickly. You don’t have time to think before an acute injury happens. This training helps your body know how to get into those stronger, safer positions instinctively. 


For more information, visit the Sportsmetrics website by clicking HERE



Two 30 minute lower body jump mechanic screenings

Your ankle, knee and hip mechanics are a crucial piece of your performance in dynamic situations. Whether you run, ski, bike, snowboard, or play team sports this screening exposes your movement flaws to determine if the program is a good fit for you. You perform one screening  before beginning the program, then one after to demonstrate the improvement in your mechanics. 


6 week of customized Sportsmetrics training (18 total workouts)

After your movement screen, Chris will develop a customized, 6 week training program. The program will include progressive exercises that will help improve your mechanics and mountain/sport performance.  You can opt for in-studio private training with Chris or at-home training to adjust the program pricing. Talk with Chris or staff member for affordable pricing options.


Two biomechanic screening reports

We will provide you reports for both the before and after screen electronically as PDFs for either your personal and/or your medical professional to review.

Knowing that you have a movement deficiency is one thing. SEEING the precise faults (areas to improve!) in your mechanics allows you to FOCUS your time and energy on improving exactly what needs attention. What’s more frustrating than spending time, effort, and money on something that doesn’t work? The Sportsmetrics™ program is scientifically proven by researchers to work. Click > HERE < to check out current research results.


One 30 minute injury recovery coaching consultation with Nick Krauss, Neurologic

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how your mental states directly determine how well you recover from injury and what you can do to optimize your body’s ability to heal. 




Two 30 Min. lower body jump mechanics screenings

6 weeks of customized private Sportsmetrics training (18 total workouts)

Two biomechanics screening reports

One 30 min. Injury Recovery Coaching Consultation




Ask Chris if Sportsmetrics is right for me 

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