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Physical Therapy



Our cash-based Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy sessions have been created to provide care for non-emergency orthopedic and sports injuries.  These services are ideal for those who have exhausted their physical therapy benefits, who lack health insurance or have a high deductible, who are functioning with discomfort or have an injury that’s “not bad enough to see a doctor”.  Several people put off this type of pain or injury and pay the price later with high medical expenses and potential surgeries that may have been able to be avoided. 

Our team of Physical Therapists specialize in pre/post-op rehab, orthopedic injury recovery, manual therapy, back and neuro rehab, women's health, and dry needling. 

Physical Therapy Services

15 Min.  - $40
30 Min.  - $75
45 Min.  - $112.50
60 Min.  - $150
Our Physical Therapy Sessions are provided by a Licensed Physical Therapist to assist with healing and recovering from injury or discomfort. Sessions include initial assessment (45 minutes minimum recommended for first visit) along with manual therapy, mobility, and modalities such as kinesio-taping and dry needling, and therapeutic exercise.  Cash, Check, or Credit Cards accepted. 

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Rehab-Fitness Group Classes

For rates please visit "Group Class Rates" Page


Our Rehab-Fitness group classes are ideal as a transition from physical therapy or recovery from injury, for those new to fitness, or for athletes focused on prevention, performance, and function. Choose from Rehab Fitness: back body, lower body, upper body, or total body, and Sportsmetrics, TRX yoga, and restorative yoga to help you progress, heal and stay healthy. Our rehab-fitness classes are taught by Licensed Rehab Therapists, Specialty Certified Instructors who can answer your questions and give you the proper attention you need to feel safe and take that next step toward better health.


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Women's Health Specialist

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