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Yoga & Meditation

"After a few years of experiencing lower back pain, I found MWW and began attending BackBody yoga just 6 months ago;

I've since been attending their range of therapeutic yoga classes, as well as upper- and lower-body rehab-fitness and core strength classes,

and I feel stronger and healthier both physically and mentally."- Grace T.



Our Yoga Classes have a holistic and therapeutic style to facilitate movement and cultivate balance by increasing awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection.  They are ideal for beginners, those healing from injury, and those whether new to yoga or advanced, who prefer emphasis on breath, alignment, and a mindful practice creating a balance between effort and ease.


We offer group yoga classes and private sessions (see Spiritual Health aspect) that focus on:

·      Improved mobility, foundational strength, and confidence 

       A healthy back and gaining stability for the spine and joints

·      Connection to your Energetic Body through breath, meditation, and balancing the Chakra System

·      Healing, restoration, and relaxation with the use of Healing Touch, essential oils, and sound bowls

·      The use of silk hammocks (Aerial Yoga) to provide support in difficult poses and for therapeutic benefits such as spinal traction and relaxation


Yoga & Meditation Classes
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Join Cheryl Askegreen, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (IKYTA) in practicing yoga and meditation to set intentions for your week ahead. Sadhana is the yogic practice of connecting to your higher self. Come experience how Kundalini Yoga techniques can balance your energy, clear your mind, and project yourself towards the positivity of life. All ages, experience, and abilities are welcome.
Join Francine Bartlett, DPT, ATC, RYT-200 for this gentle yoga class to increase awareness and attention to your "Back Body".  Release stress, compression, and tension, improve mobility, stability, balance, and strength to decrease pain, prevent injury, and enhance performance for better function and a more fulfilling life. 
All levels welcome. 
Gentle Flow Yoga is a healing class that offers a mindfully sequenced combination of deep restorative stretches and breath inspired flows. This class moves slowly to focus on alignment and deep openings, softening the body and centering the mind. A gentle combination of heat and restoration relaxes the nervous system and opens the body’s tissue to build greater awareness, strength, balance, and flexibility.
This class is great for anyone, from beginners to those looking to slow down and find greater depth in an existing practice.
Qi Yoga is a gentle yoga class that brings balance to the physical and energetic bodies. Each yoga class incorporates principles of Chinese Medicine and traditional yoga practice  to open your inner energy, your "Qi", pronounced "Chi" through a sequence of yoga postures, meditation, and breathwork so you find and feel your inner body as well as our outer physical body in harmony together. 
This class is ideal for all levels, from beginning yoga students to yogis looking to deepen their existing practice.
Instructor: Sam Willits, Certified Yoga Teacher and Applied Kinesiology Practitioner 
The Restorative Yoga-Touch class incorporates holding longer passive poses supported by props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks to relax, stretch, reduce physical and mental tension, and gain clarity through a guided meditation. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are diffused into the air and applied topically with gentle massage in each pose to areas of the body that tend to hold stress.  Restore your inner senses during Shavasana to the singing frequencies of crystal sound bowls for a total body, mind, and spirit healing experience. 
-Francine Bartlett, DPT, ATC, RYT, AromaTouch Certified Practitioner
-Sam Willits, RYT, Applied Kinesiology & Massage Therapy Certified 

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